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The Refuge
The Refuge
PO Box 178
Waleska, GA 30183
(404) 790-7917

Our Mission: Families experiencing abundant life in a growing relationship with Jesus


Four Simple Goals

Through relationships, mentoring, retreats, and church partnerships, we are helping youth and families realize The Four Goals:
1. Grow in a relationship with Jesus
2. Maintain healthy relationships with others
3. Benefit from educational experience and enjoy a profession
4. Thrive in the home and community of God’s leading

Our Values: Prayer, Relationship; Grace, Empowerment; Stewardship

Refugea condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.

Abundant LifeA life of God’s presence, purpose and love – celebration in the victories, comfort in the pain, wisdom to decide and the courage to act, guidance along the journey. A life of joy regardless of circumstances.  Peace, especially in the midst of the storms.  Vitality, even when energy wanes. A life of fullness without attachments to the things of this world.  A life of victory over temptation and grace and forgiveness when we fall.  The awareness that our messiness does not mess God up. A life with the hope all things will be redeemed in His perfect timing. A life with the Father’s love, the Spirit’s leading and Jesus’ companionship. 

Our Programs

Mentoring Refugees Sending Refugees on Mission Homes for Refugee Pastors