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The Refuge
The Refuge
PO Box 178
Waleska, GA 30183
(404) 790-7917

Board members

Hugh Stephens- Hugh is the secretary of our board, he came on board with us in February of 2015. Hugh has a history in retail management and is now retired. He is married to his wife Donna and has three children, Justin, Ryan, and Meghan.

Scott Kelley- Scott is founder and executive director of The Refuge. He started The Refuge in February of 2015 in Waleska, GA. He is married to Tiffany and has three kids: Abby, Micah, and Nathan.

Jerry Porter- Jerry is the treasurer to the board, joining The Refuge from the start, in February of 2015. He has a history management and consultation but is now retired. Jerry is married to Linda and has four children: John , Jody, Emily, and Jennifer

Gladys Wanyeki- Joined the board in May of 2015. She serves as an advisor. She is an active certified public accountant. Gladys also has two teenage daughters.

From left to right: Scott Kelley, Hugh Stephens, Gladys Wanyeki, Jerry Porter