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Munda’s Dominican Republic Report


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you very much for having the heart and the generosity to contribute to my Dominican Republic mission trip.  The mission trip to Sanchez, Dominican Republic was fun, exciting, spiritual, adventurous and hot. Most importantly, God’s presence was in the mist.  Because of your contribution, prayers and love, I was able see the amazing things that God did and is going to do for the Dominican People over there.

There is a reason for everything.  I can say that one of the reasons God allowed me to go to the Dominican Republic is to show me how I should be grateful for the things that I receive and already have in my life. And to see how others pour out love for one another. God’s love conquers everything.

While I was there, God used the people to show me how to make use of what I have, such as how to turn a broken basketball court that has no rims and a hole in the back board, into something that can still be used to play a fun game of basketball.

Our team ministered to the Dominican people in Sanchez. While we were there, we had Vacation Bible Study with the kids at their school. We taught them some of the stories in the Bible such as Noah and the flood and Jonah and the whale.  Thanks be to God that we had Ms. Kim, one of the leaders who knew Spanish to translate everything for us.  Even though the language was a barrier, just showing love to the kids and the adults brought happiness to their faces as well as ours. We also helped build a house for the pastor of Sanchez. He kept us healthy and safe. It was a blessing.

Before going to the Dominica Republic, I had the intention that I was going to impact lives more than anything.  However, they did more of the impacting in my life.  We saw God continually do amazing things throughout the week we were there.

This trip strengthened my faith and trust in God. What I witnessed being done in the Sanchez was something only God could do. I know that God has great plans for my brothers in the Dominican Republic. I am glad He used me and everyone that went on the trip.   Again, thank you so much for your generous support. May God, bless you!


Dominican Republic and New Mexico Missions Update

God truly blessed us during our mission trips to New Mexico and the Dominican Republic! Students were encouraged by witnessing God’s works and learned about ways the can be used by God in serving others.

Dominican Republic

We sent three young men – Micah, Munda and Yolian, – to the Dominican Republic to serve with a team from Georgia.  One of the young men on the Dominican Republic trip said, “Being in the Dominican Republic was an amazing experience, we worked on a house for a pastor while we were there.  Even though we worked in the heat all day it felt good to be able to contribute to the people of the Dominican Republic and spread God’s love.”   All men came back encouraged by the trip and are stepping into other opportunities to serve.


New Mexico

We took 7 youth to serve on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  Our team helped build a porch on the house where mission teams stay while serving on the Indian Reservation.  The team also assisted the kids camp for Native American children and helped feed the homeless.  Homelessness is widespread on and around the reservation.   Scott had the privileged of sharing in both a Navajo church and at the feeding of the homeless.   This was a growing experience for our team.  They said they loved serving others and enjoyed serving God by bringing smiles to peoples faces.  They look forward to next opportunity to serve.



Thanks for all your prayers and support!  See more photos on Facebook! (Facebook button on the left)

What is Worldview Academy?

Every year we send kids to Worldview Academy.   At Worldview Academy Leadership Camps, junior high and high school students, ages 13 and up, are challenged to think hard about their faith. They are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues—and who need answers that match the real world.  Each camp features 20+ hours of lively classroom sessions and discussions, which guide students to better understand servant leadership, apologetics/evangelism, and comparative worldviews.  Students are taught by inspired teachers, challenged by creative activities, moved by meaningful worship, and welcomed into a community of life-long friends. Students join groups of the same age and gender for the discussion of the big ideas.  The six days are filled with laughter, tough questions, biblical answers, and a deepening hunger for Christ.

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Summer 2017

Dominican Republic Mission – June 4-11.  Yolian, Munda and Micah will join a team of 17 more people in the Dominican Republic.

New Mexico Mission – June 7 – 17.  We are taking a team of 9 to join a team of 12 more in New Mexico to serve the missionaries among the Navajo Indians.

Worldview Academy –  June 25 – 30.  We’ll be sending 9 students to Worldview for a week in June. Worldview is a leadership camp that teaches youth to effectively think about and practice their faith in a world of competing worldviews.

7th Annual Beach Trip – July 17-21.   This trip rewards youth who live in a community of high crime, gangs and poor performing schools for rising above it behaviorally and doing well in school.

New Mexico Mission

Instilling a heart for missions.  We are taking eight refugee teenagers to New Mexico June 7-17.

The team will serve with Building Christian Ministries on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  They will help run a day camp and build a front porch on the local mission house.

There is much brokenness on the Indian Reservations in America – poverty, unemployment, alcoholism, crime…

Our team will learn more about being a generous Christian, sharing faith in word and deed.  And bring some love and joy to the Navajo people.

Ways you can be involved:

Please pray.  Please pray as our team brings some joy and hope to the Navajo and the long-term missionaries who are there.  Please pray the financial needs for the mission will be met.

Another way you can be involved is to help provide financial support.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Giving information is on the side bar on the left and on the “Get Involved” page of this site.

100% of your donation will go to the mission to New Mexico.

Thank you for your prayers and involvement!

Dominican Republic Mission

Instilling a heart for missions.  We are sending three young men to serve in the Dominican Republic from June 4th to 11th.

Micah, Yolian and Munda will  be going with McKendree UMC in Lawrenceville, GA to help build a house for pastor in the Dominican Republic and minister to the people there.  Micah is the son of the founder and director of The Refuge, Scott and Tiffany Kelley.  Munda is a young man from Sierra Leon and Yolian is from Eritrea.  We are sending these guys to allow them to see and experience the heart of God – to renew and restore that which is lost, broken, outcast and un-reached.  The team will be working with national pastors and long-term missionaries so they will not only gain missions experience, their service will have invaluable long-term impact in the Dominican Republic.

Ways you can be involved:

Please pray.  Pray God will prepare the team for the mission and bless their efforts as they minister to the people of the Dominican Republic.   Also please pray the financial needs for the mission will be met.

Another way you can be involved is to help provide financial support.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Would you consider supporting they guys with a donation by May 15th?   Giving information is on the side bar on the left and on the “Get Involved” page of this site.

100% of your donation will go to the mission to the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous support.

Ladies Retreat

The Ladies Retreat went well in February. Prayers were blessed! A big thanks to North Georgia Christian Camp, Clarkston International Bible Church, Friends of Refugees and our supporters for helping The Refuge make the Ladies’ Retreat happen!!

The lady leader for the retreat wrote:  “We really had a blast. Thank you for making the retreat happen! The girls had so much fun (most of them haven’t done something like that before) and we hit all the things we had hoped we’d be able to talk about. I’m excited for what God is doing in the hearts of the girls and for an opportunity to spend time talking about our identity in Christ and how that plays into being women. We have a lot of good stuff to build on as we look forward. It was sweet to see Sunny share during our Q&A time from a place of maturity and wisdom regarding a couple of different topics we discussed…she has grown so much since I’ve known her. Her leadership and commitment to Christ is evident in how she talks about her relationship with Jesus. The others were delightful as well.” (You may remember Sunny went on the mission trip to Africa with us.) 

2016 Highlights

  • 501c3 acquired!
  • Spring Break Youth Retreat – April 2016
  • Tanzania Mission Trip – June 2016
  • Wild at Heart Young Man’s Camp – July 2016
  • Washington DC / Virginia Youth Trip – July 2016
  • We become guardians of a beautiful young lady – August 2016
  • Youth Weekend – October 2016
  • Ladies Retreat – December 2016
  • Ministry to refugee families
  • God graciously continues to provide needed resources confirming calling and leading to glorify Jesus among refugees.

We are Grateful.