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Kenya Uganda Mission 2018

Your prayers and support are appreciated!

January 20 – 21 – Travel to Nairobi

January 22 – 25 – Ministry in Nairobi – Encouraging, strengthening and teaching believers

January 26 – Travel to Northern Uganda by bus – many hours on a bus.

January 27 – 28 – Visit Refugee Camps – Assist as God leads and provides

January 29 – February 6 – Ministry with MedReach in a village in Northwest Uganda.   Our team of 17 doctors, nurses and missionaries will be running a medical clinic and pastor’s conference, sharing faith and assisting the Jesus Film Project with outreach.

February 6 – 7 – Travel back to the city in Uganda (many more hours on a bus) , fly to Nairobi

February 8 – 9 – Travel back to Atlanta

Help! Too Good to Decide

It is year end.  We have received numerous year-end requests for support from organizations reporting impact of thousands of lives.  You may have received the same.  Lots of good stuff going on out there.   The need and potential impact with our dollars can sometimes be exciting, yet overwhelming.  You may have felt the same.

To help us decide where to give, there are four things that we consider when deciding to send support.  This is our heart:

  • Is what they are doing in line with our heart to see people come to Christ and grow in their relationship with Christ? Especially among unreached people groups.  Are they doing that?  There are a lot of Christian based organizations that are doing a lot of good, but never talk about Jesus.
  • Do we know them personally? We believe God puts relationships together.  Although we always wish we could see you more!
  • Do they stay in touch regularly (including expressing gratitude)?
  • Is the Holy Spirit leading us to give?

If we answer yes to these questions, then we give.  And we believe giving in such a matter makes a difference.  A gift given with God’s leading and in love is always the right amount.

What is your heart?  As you listen to your heart through the leading of the Spirit, you will know where to give.

Impact and Numbers

How much impact does an organization make with those dollars?   It depends on how they define impact.  The Refuge exists to make a deeper impact through discipleship.  We believe that anyone who has the love of the Father, the grace of Jesus, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit will be more equipped to pursue all that God has for them.

Life-change is unmeasurable.  We cannot report that we saw someone have a 20% increase in their walk with Christ, or anything like that.   That would be unrealistic.  Even someone coming to Christ, which we have seen, does not necessarily mean they will thrive in their relationship with God.   A growing relationship with God takes some effort.  All we can say is we have seen the result of life-change:  people finding hope, loving more, forgiving and being forgiven, giving back and going on mission trips.  We are seeing kids from tough home situations making wise choices.   To us, that is impact.  Yes, it’s unmeasurable.  But God is real and alive and active and He is working in The Refuge.

So may we simply encourage you to continue to be sensitive to God’s leading in how he would have you be involved with the relationships that have crossed your path.  As you do that, you will help make an impact.  And if you’d like to give to The Refuge, the information is below and your gift will be received with grateful hearts.

We are Grateful! 

Thanks to the many who have prayed for, volunteered with, encouraged and supported The Refuge!  We are grateful for the great year-end giving to The Refuge that is happening!

In 2017, we impacted hundreds of lives with the love and grace of God and the message of Jesus’ reconciliation through mission trips, mentoring and making disciples.  And exited to see those who are, in turn, making a difference in others’ lives.

Munda’s Dominican Republic Report


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you very much for having the heart and the generosity to contribute to my Dominican Republic mission trip.  The mission trip to Sanchez, Dominican Republic was fun, exciting, spiritual, adventurous and hot. Most importantly, God’s presence was in the mist.  Because of your contribution, prayers and love, I was able see the amazing things that God did and is going to do for the Dominican People over there.

There is a reason for everything.  I can say that one of the reasons God allowed me to go to the Dominican Republic is to show me how I should be grateful for the things that I receive and already have in my life. And to see how others pour out love for one another. God’s love conquers everything.

While I was there, God used the people to show me how to make use of what I have, such as how to turn a broken basketball court that has no rims and a hole in the back board, into something that can still be used to play a fun game of basketball.

Our team ministered to the Dominican people in Sanchez. While we were there, we had Vacation Bible Study with the kids at their school. We taught them some of the stories in the Bible such as Noah and the flood and Jonah and the whale.  Thanks be to God that we had Ms. Kim, one of the leaders who knew Spanish to translate everything for us.  Even though the language was a barrier, just showing love to the kids and the adults brought happiness to their faces as well as ours. We also helped build a house for the pastor of Sanchez. He kept us healthy and safe. It was a blessing.

Before going to the Dominica Republic, I had the intention that I was going to impact lives more than anything.  However, they did more of the impacting in my life.  We saw God continually do amazing things throughout the week we were there.

This trip strengthened my faith and trust in God. What I witnessed being done in the Sanchez was something only God could do. I know that God has great plans for my brothers in the Dominican Republic. I am glad He used me and everyone that went on the trip.   Again, thank you so much for your generous support. May God, bless you!


Summer 2017

Dominican Republic Mission – June 4-11.  Yolian, Munda and Micah will join a team of 17 more people in the Dominican Republic.

New Mexico Mission – June 7 – 17.  We are taking a team of 9 to join a team of 12 more in New Mexico to serve the missionaries among the Navajo Indians.

Worldview Academy –  June 25 – 30.  We’ll be sending 9 students to Worldview for a week in June. Worldview is a leadership camp that teaches youth to effectively think about and practice their faith in a world of competing worldviews.

7th Annual Beach Trip – July 17-21.   This trip rewards youth who live in a community of high crime, gangs and poor performing schools for rising above it behaviorally and doing well in school.

Dominican Republic Mission

Instilling a heart for missions.  We are sending three young men to serve in the Dominican Republic from June 4th to 11th.

Micah, Yolian and Munda will  be going with McKendree UMC in Lawrenceville, GA to help build a house for pastor in the Dominican Republic and minister to the people there.  Micah is the son of the founder and director of The Refuge, Scott and Tiffany Kelley.  Munda is a young man from Sierra Leon and Yolian is from Eritrea.  We are sending these guys to allow them to see and experience the heart of God – to renew and restore that which is lost, broken, outcast and un-reached.  The team will be working with national pastors and long-term missionaries so they will not only gain missions experience, their service will have invaluable long-term impact in the Dominican Republic.

Ways you can be involved:

Please pray.  Pray God will prepare the team for the mission and bless their efforts as they minister to the people of the Dominican Republic.   Also please pray the financial needs for the mission will be met.

Another way you can be involved is to help provide financial support.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Would you consider supporting they guys with a donation by May 15th?   Giving information is on the side bar on the left and on the “Get Involved” page of this site.

100% of your donation will go to the mission to the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous support.

The Kingdom – Blessed are those…

Thoughts on The Kingdom in Matthew 5:3-11.

We at times have brokenness and hardship and mourning in our lives, but God does not keep us there.

When we are broken, we will belong to the Kingdom (5:3)

When we mourn, we will be comforted ((5:4)

When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we will be filled (5:6)

When we have pure hearts, we will see God.  (5:8)

We can live in His Kingdom, be comforted and filled, and see Him.  And when we are broken, mourning and feeling spiritually bankrupt, God will again fill, comfort and heal.  We can live in fullness and comfort and healing.   That is what Jesus wanted – John 10:10.

When I mess up, I get broken.  When I have loss, I mourn.  When I am distant from God and don’t have a pure heart, I eventually get hungry enough to turn back to Him.  And I see Him.

Then there are ongoing qualities we can have – humbleness, mercy and peacemaking.    Micah 6:8 says that the Lord requires us to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

The humble will inherit the earth.  (5:5)

The merciful will be shown mercy (5:7)

The peace makers will see God (5:9)

We can be sure that when we are humble, merciful and peacemaking, God will fulfill His promises of giving us an inheritance and showing us mercy.  And we will see Him.

And when we are the children of God, regardless of how good we are, people won’t like us for our faith.  But we are blessed to be His children.  (5:11-12).

You are blessed…

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make is face shine upon you and be gracious to you.  May He turn His face toward you.  And give you His peace (Numbers 6:24-26)