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Help! Too Good to Decide

It is year end.  We have received numerous year-end requests for support from organizations reporting impact of thousands of lives.  You may have received the same.  Lots of good stuff going on out there.   The need and potential impact with our dollars can sometimes be exciting, yet overwhelming.  You may have felt the same.

To help us decide where to give, there are four things that we consider when deciding to send support.  This is our heart:

  • Is what they are doing in line with our heart to see people come to Christ and grow in their relationship with Christ? Especially among unreached people groups.  Are they doing that?  There are a lot of Christian based organizations that are doing a lot of good, but never talk about Jesus.
  • Do we know them personally? We believe God puts relationships together.  Although we always wish we could see you more!
  • Do they stay in touch regularly (including expressing gratitude)?
  • Is the Holy Spirit leading us to give?

If we answer yes to these questions, then we give.  And we believe giving in such a matter makes a difference.  A gift given with God’s leading and in love is always the right amount.

What is your heart?  As you listen to your heart through the leading of the Spirit, you will know where to give.

Impact and Numbers

How much impact does an organization make with those dollars?   It depends on how they define impact.  The Refuge exists to make a deeper impact through discipleship.  We believe that anyone who has the love of the Father, the grace of Jesus, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit will be more equipped to pursue all that God has for them.

Life-change is unmeasurable.  We cannot report that we saw someone have a 20% increase in their walk with Christ, or anything like that.   That would be unrealistic.  Even someone coming to Christ, which we have seen, does not necessarily mean they will thrive in their relationship with God.   A growing relationship with God takes some effort.  All we can say is we have seen the result of life-change:  people finding hope, loving more, forgiving and being forgiven, giving back and going on mission trips.  We are seeing kids from tough home situations making wise choices.   To us, that is impact.  Yes, it’s unmeasurable.  But God is real and alive and active and He is working in The Refuge.

So may we simply encourage you to continue to be sensitive to God’s leading in how he would have you be involved with the relationships that have crossed your path.  As you do that, you will help make an impact.  And if you’d like to give to The Refuge, the information is below and your gift will be received with grateful hearts.

We are Grateful! 

Thanks to the many who have prayed for, volunteered with, encouraged and supported The Refuge!  We are grateful for the great year-end giving to The Refuge that is happening!

In 2017, we impacted hundreds of lives with the love and grace of God and the message of Jesus’ reconciliation through mission trips, mentoring and making disciples.  And exited to see those who are, in turn, making a difference in others’ lives.